Soundproofed port 30 dB

    Soundproof door 30 dB

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    30 dB soundproof doors with high acoustic insulation
    with mobile threshold

    Panel measures
    • 60x210x11
    • 70x210x11
    • 80x210x11
    • 90x210x11
    • Fuori Misura
    Sense of Opening
    • Push Right
    • Push Left
    • Bronzed Aluminum Handle + 7 €
    • Round lock with Yale key - Gold + 30 €
    • Electronic lock with card + € 100
    • Access Control and Electric strike + 100 €

    • 30 dB soundproof doors with movable threshold

    soundproof door 30 db
    One of the weak points of a soundproofing wall is the door. In fact, it has been shown that a wall, even though it can be perfectly acoustically insulated, if a door is inserted that does not have adequate soundproofing power, all the acoustic performance declines. Intervening with interior soundproof doors can increase the acoustic comfort of hotel rooms, an aspect that should not be underestimated. The high mass and the double seals of the sound-absorbing doors allow to obtain high acoustic insulation values ranging from 27 db to 50 db, furthermore the considerable sizing of the frame and hinges allow them to be used in places with high traffic.


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    Dimensions Internal soundproof doors:
    L 60cm x P 11cm x H 210cm
    L 70cm x P 11cm x H 210cm
    L 80cm x P 11cm x H 210cm
    L 90cm x P 11cm x H 210cm

    30 dB soundproof door

    • Characteristics of the Doors Acoustic insulation 30 dB

    airborne noise

    Noise reduction: an acoustic solution with high soundproofing performance of our soundproofing doors.


    acoustic door panel

    Acoustic door panel: it consists of a perimeter frame in dried solid wood with internal multi-insulation placed in a central position and additional covering paneling.


    internal panel

    Internal paneling: Our soundproof doors have a double layer of internal insulation.


    Straight frame

    Straight frame WATERPROOF (from mm 112x 40): jamb in blockboard mm. 40 with anti-noise seal. The frame allows it to adapt to the walls ranging from cm. 11 to cm. 13.
    WATERPROOF interlocking flat casings (from mm 70 x 10 x 35):
    in water resistant HDF, with fin mm. 25 for fitting into the frame.
    in tropicalized steel.
    in soundproof plastic material for acoustic insulation on the 3 sides of the frame.


    soundproof door handles

    Handles: We have a wide choice of handles that you can combine with your doors, from the cheapest to the designer handle


    mobile threshold for soundproof door
    To achieve the certification of 30 dB, the mobile draft excluder plays a fundamental role in the soundproof door. Guillotine with aluminum profile and rubber sealing gasket, applied in the lower part of the door. With its simultaneous self-leveling descent when the acoustic door is closed, it allows perfect insulation. Soundproof doors advantageous prices.


    • Optional 30 dB soundproof doors

    handle and i-Lock electronic lock

    I-lock electronic handles and locks: The i-lock electronic lock has a modern and elegant design that allows it to be installed in any environment, with an extremely simple operating mechanism. Communication takes place via 128-bit encrypted RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.


    external door access control

    External access control door: with the use of card it allows the control of the accesses to the rooms, equipped with n. 3 keys and passpartout. The electric strike is also supplied for opening the door with electric impulse (low voltage).


    External wall QrReader

    QR Code Reader:
    Send the QRead code to the customer by email or whatsapp and the customer can enter the room without any problem. Avoid delivering physical keys at impossible times. Avoid the inconvenience caused by the loss of physical keys - Avoid entrusting the keys to third parties. Approaching the image of the q-read with the mobile phone and the door opens.



    Passepartout encryption: on request the doors can be supplied with n. 3 MK passpartout keys.


    • 30 dB Soundproof Door Assembly Instructions

    REI 45 door assembly instructions


    To ensure the correct assembly of your soundproof door, we have prepared this instruction sheet which describes all the basic operations to be carried out.

    Attention: in order to guarantee the perfect installation of the soundproof doors, it is recommended to follow the following assembly instructions.


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