Internal doors for hotel rooms, b & b and homes

Interior doors

Interior doors, sliding or hinged

Once the work inside your own homes or accommodation facilities has been completed, before proceeding with the interior design, you must choose the interior doors that best suit your tastes and needs. In fact, the choice of interior doors must be made by evaluating both the aesthetic aspect, being able to choose between different materials such as glass and wood, but also from the point of view of functionality, evaluating the space available and installing the right opening system.

The materials of interior doors. The glass doors stand out for their ability to naturally illuminate the interiors and at the same time guarantee a high level of privacy thanks to the frosted glass. Moreover, thanks to the many decoration possibilities you can customize your modern interior doors to the maximum at the prices on offer.
The wooden doors, on the other hand, offer infinite possibilities for customization, starting from simple but sturdy laminate doors, up to the more elaborate ones with overlapping or pantographed panels with drawings and engravings.

Door Opening Systems. The internal doors offered by FIP Hotel vary in different opening methods, from the classic but always functional swing door, to the sliding version which in turn can be differentiated into external wall sliding doors or casket doors that using the special box installed in the masonry guarantee you the smallest possible footprint.
Our collection offers a wide choice of modern interior doors with flush-to-the-wall panels that are completely immersed in the wall, creating an invisible effect.

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