Soundproofed port 42 dB

Soundproof door 42 dB

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42 dB soundproof doors with high acoustic insulation
with mobile threshold

Panel measures
  • 60x210x11
  • 70x210x11
  • 80x210x11
  • 90x210x11
  • Fuori Misura
Sense of Opening
  • Push Right
  • Push Left
  • Silver Aluminum Handle + 8 €
  • Round lock with Yale key - Chrome + 25 €
  • Electronic lock with card + € 100
  • Access Control and Electric strike + 100 €

  • 42 dB soundproof doors with movable threshold

42 db soundproof door

One of the weak points of a soundproofing wall is the door. In fact, it has been shown that a wall, even though it can be perfectly acoustically insulated, if a door is inserted that does not have adequate soundproofing power, all acoustic performance declines..


42 db soundproof door

Intervening with interior soundproof doors can increase the acoustic comfort of hotel rooms, an aspect that should not be underestimated. The high mass and the double seals of the sound-absorbing doors allow to obtain high acoustic insulation values ranging from 27 db to 50 db, furthermore the considerable sizing of the frame and hinges allow them to be used in places with high traffic.


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