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    ILock Electronic Lock
    Facilitates the management of hotel rooms, b&b residence


    • ILock Electronic Lock

    ILock electronic lockManage your hotel in an automated way thanks to iLock electronic locks. I am able to manage the opening of hotel rooms through cards programmed by the manager, without the need to pass electrical wires. The cards will be activated for the entire period of the customer's stay, after this period the card will no longer open the door. The electronic lock has a mechanical key for emergency opening. Also available electronic lock with keypad.


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    • Features of iLock electronic door locks

    ILock electronic lock with card
    The iLock electronic locks have a modern and elegant design that makes them able to easily adapt to your hotel. The operation of the lock is very simple.

    Communication with the cards takes place via 128-bit encrypted RFID technology.

    All our products have CE and RoHS certifications in full compliance with European standards.


    ILock electronic lock side view
    The hotel home automation electronic locks are made of high quality and safe stainless steel and copper alloy.

    Acoustic signal for battery replacement.

    Door opening by card.

    Stores the last 1000 events.

    Mechanical emergency key to open the lock manually.


    ILock retro electronic lock

    The digital hotel lock is part of the home automation systems and offers the following advantages:

    Only 4 AA alkaline batteries are required for its operation.

    It is not necessary to prepare electrical wires.

    It always guarantees the exit to the outside even with closed deliveries, thanks to the anti-panic function.


    Electronic lock emergency opening

    If necessary, for emergency openings, simply remove the front cover to open the door with a mechanical key and gain access to the room.


    Mechanical key for iLock electronic lock

    The electric lock with badge is equipped with an internal memory, capable of storing over 1000 accesses.

    The door is opened by simply approaching the card.


    electronic lock battery replacement

    The duration of the batteries in our electronic lock is about 30,000 openings or 12/18 months.
    In any case, an acoustic warning will be emitted when the time to replace them is approaching.


    • Versions Electric Locks: Smart - Full

    Serratura elettronica versione easy smart
    The electronic lock in the Easy or Smart version includes:

    N° 1 Electronic lock
    N° 1 System card
    N° 3 Guest card
    N° 2 Mechanical emergency keys

    Programming is simple and does not require any software.


    Serratura elettronica iLock versione FULLThe Full version of the electronic lock is included:

    N°1 Electronic lock
    N°1 System card
    N°3 Guest card
    N°2 Mechanical emergency keys
    Card management and programming software.

    With this software the cards are programmed for the entire period of the customer's stay. At the end of this period, the cards will no longer be able to open any doors.


    • Video Tutorial Lock with cards


    Tutorial Safe locks with CARD
    Assembly and programming of RFID cards


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    Electronic lock for Hotel - iLock

    ILock Electronic Lock
    Facilitates the management of hotel rooms, b&b residence

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