Wooden Door Salina Model

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Wooden Door Salina Model

Panel measures
  • 60x210x11
  • 70x210x11
  • 80x210x11
  • 90x210x11
  • natural tanganica laminate
  • cherry laminate
  • national walnut laminate
Sense of Opening
  • Push Right
  • Push Left
  • Bronzed Aluminum Handle + 7 €
  • Silver Aluminum Handle + 8 €
  • Cervinia Brass Handle
  • Valentina Polished Brass Handle
  • Mood Chrome handle

  • Wooden Door Salina Model

Wooden Door Salina Model

The internal doors are very important elements to separate the spaces inside the hotel rooms. At the same time they can be excellent solutions to define a furnishing style. This is thanks to the various configurations of materials, colors and openings in which they can be made. All the doors, however, maintain some characteristics in common: quality materials, MADE IN ITALY workmanship, solidity and sturdiness, all while maintaining competitive market prices. In addition to the laminate swing door, you can also have the same sliding version.


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