REI 120 fire doors Masonry version

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    REI 120 doors with high fire resistance.
    1 Door Masonry Version.

    Panel measures
    • 80x215 (REI 1 Anta)
    • 90x215 (REI 1 Anta)
    • 100x215 (REI 1 Anta)
    • 120x215 (REI 1 Anta)
    Sense of Opening
    • Push Right
    • Push Left
    • Standard REI 120 handle
    • REI 120 panic exit device

    • REI 120 fire doors, 1 leaf version for masonry

    REI 120 fireproof door

    REI 120 fire doors are created to resist fire and at the same time to present themselves as a normal interior door. In the event of a fire, its functionality is to close in order to prevent the fire from escaping. This model is designed for mounting on masonry walls. Panic door function.
    If you have a plasterboard wall go to rei 120 door for plasterboard.


    REI 120 fireproof door for plasterboard

    Thanks to the particular materials used, the fire doors are able to guarantee the isolation of the environments in case of fire by blocking flames and smoke, allowing people to leave the premises in time and limiting the damage caused by the fire.
    Fire doors are classified as REI doors. A number is then associated with this abbreviation (30 - 60 - 90 - 120 - 180). These numbers indicate the resistance time (expressed in minutes), for which a given door model is capable of withstanding flames.


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    Porte REI
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    REI 120 1 Door Dimensions for Masonry:

    L 80cm x P 11cm x H 215cm
    L 90cm x P 11cm x H 215cm
    L 100cm x P 11cm x H 215cm
    L 120cm x P 11cm x H 215cm

    Porta rei 120 for masonry

    • Characteristics of REI 120 doors

    Door leaf REI 120

    Fire door leaf:
    Made of "Sendzimir" system hot galvanized sheet steel, press-folded and spot-welded; Perimeter stop on 4 sides; Internal reinforcements in hot galvanized steel profile; Insulating pack made with treated mineral wool; Internal plates for possible assembly of door closers and handles.


    Rei 120 door frameFire door frame REI 120: Made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet "Sendzimir" system; Seats for thermo-expanding gasket and rebate gasket; Suitable for fixing to the wall with brackets or dowels; Detachable cover for support on the finished floor; Crosspiece to be removed for execution without rebate (except for doors with environmental characteristics); Black plastic strikers for lock latch and bolts; Thermo-expanding gaskets mounted on the vertical profiles of the frame and central vertical profile of the double-leaf doors, to be mounted on site for the upper crosspiece of the frame, mounted above and below the REI 120 leaves.


    Rei 120 door frame

    Fire door hinges:
    There are two three-wing hinges for each door. A bearing equipped with thrust balls and screws for vertical adjustment of the leaf, CE marked according to EN 1935, classified for capacity up to 160 kg, durability 200,000 cycles, suitable for use on fire doors. One equipped with a spring for self-closing of the door.


    Fire door rostrum

    2 safety rostrums applied on the hinge side.


    Fire door lock

    Fire Door Lock:
    reversible with latch and central bolt, CE marked compliant with EN 12209. Insert with patent key, predisposition for European type cylinder.


    standard door handle REI 120

    REI 120 Door Handle:
    in black plastic and steel core. Steel underplate with cylinder hole. Black plastic cover plate. Fixing screws and insert for patent type key.


    REI 120 panic exit device

    Panic bar:
    consisting of a horizontal bar in anodized aluminum that engages in the lever arms fixed to the command mechanisms for activating the lock.


    REI 120 door plate

    Identification plate:
    Metal plate with door identification data, in accordance with current legislation.


    fire door finish

    Fire door finish:
    Standard painting with epoxy-polyester thermoset powders in oven at 180 °, surface with scratch-resistant embossed structure.


    • Guide to Ordinary and Extraordinary Maintenance of REI 120 Doors

    REI 120 doors maintenanceControl and maintenance of REI 120 doors:

    1) it is a specific legal obligation

    2) despite having installed certified fire doors, you are always responsible for their correct functioning.

    This is to ensure:

    • The safeguard and protection of people;
    • The safeguard and protection of assets;
    • The safeguard and protection of the environment.

    Consequently, correct maintenance plays a fundamental role in ensuring that these requirements are maintained over time.

    The standard to be followed for maintenance is UNI 11473-1, which establishes ordinary checks and any extraordinary checks to be carried out on fire resistant doors. This standard does not enter specifically, as each type of door has its own characteristics and components.

    It defines, however, procedural aspects and the checks necessary to determine the efficiency of the closure and its components and accessories.

    For the installer it indicates how to approach the installation both from a procedural / organizational point of view and from an operational / practical one.

    It also specifies which preliminary and final checks must be carried out, therefore it includes all the knowledge, skills and competence requirements of the installer and the maintenance technician.


    Rei 120 doors with panic bar

    The ordinary maintenance of the fire door has the purpose of ensuring the conservation of the initial state of the door, therefore it consists in examining and eliminating any defects and / or anomalies present.
    It is necessary to carry out a periodic check at least twice a year, in order to verify that the door works correctly and safely, according to point 7.7 of UNI 11473-1.

    Specifically, the mandatory checks to be carried out are as follows:

    • Checking the presence of the plate, that is the conformity mark, supplied by the manufacturer.
    • Checking the integrity, operation, fixing, lubrication and position of the hinges.
    • Control of closing coordination.
    • Checking the seals, their painting, anchoring and completeness.
    • Check for any alterations in the initial state, such as: sagging, corrosion, cracks etc.
    • Control of the opening smoothness, control of all the elements that guarantee correct fluidity, therefore pins, cables, chains, counterweights and pulleys;
    • Check of greasing / oiling or of possible oil leaks, inspection of all the components of the lock.

    Subsequently, the control technician is required to check the complete functionality of the fire door, in its entirety. At the end of the check, the service or intervention report is completed and released, and the maintenance card is renewed.

    In the absence of maintenance, the door may lose its correct functionality and consequently, not comply with the safety standards established by UNI 11473-1.

    Some of the most common problems are:

    • Mechanical or anchoring system damage.
    • Oxidation or deformation of the door or frame.
    • Modifications through unsuitable materials.
    • Lack of seals.
    • Dirt or debris caused by failure to clean.

    It is important that all technicians have a thorough knowledge of which procedures and actions can guarantee performance that complies with both the technical regulations in force and the standards of good technique that a quality service requires.

    Therefore, a good technician must be able to verify that the doors:

    • Have the door opening system functioning.
    • Are not damaged and that the seals are intact.
    • Close regularly
    • Rotate freely and, in the presence of the self-closing device, it actually operates
    • If equipped with an automatic closing device, they have efficient devices.


    REI 120 doors

    2) Extraordinary maintenance,
    is carried out only in the event of detected non-conformities and consists of an intervention that requires particularly important means, particular equipment or tools, or that involves the replacement of entire parts of the plant or overhaul and replacement of entire sections.

    At the end of the extraordinary maintenance, the technician is required to draw up the intervention report and to issue a new declaration of correct installation.


    REI 120 door maintenance tag

    Filling in the MAINTENANCE CARD, applied to the edge of the Rei door.
    The company responsible for carrying out the maintenance service must affix the MAINTENANCE CARD. When carrying out maintenance for the first time, the company in charge must affix its own signs for the maintenance service.

    The tag must include:

    • Date of maintenance.
    • Maintenance: ordinary or extraordinary.
    • Name of the maintainer and signature of the employee


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    REI 120 fire doors Masonry version

    REI 120 doors with high fire resistance.
    1 Door Masonry Version.

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