REI 60 fire doors

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REI 60 fire doors
Version for masonry or plasterboard walls with 1 door

  • Masonry walls
  • Plasterboard walls
Sense of Opening
  • Push Right
  • Push Left
  • Standard REI 120 handle
  • REI 120 panic exit device

  • REI 60 doors with 1 leaf

REI 60 fire doors

REI 60 fire doors have a high resistance to fire, guaranteeing safety for both people and environments. In the event of a fire, its functionality is to close in order to prevent the fire from escaping. The REI door model for plasterboard has a hugging frame for walls up to 13cm.


REI 120 fireproof door for plasterboard

Thanks to the particular materials used, the fire doors are able to guarantee the isolation of the environments in case of fire by blocking flames and smoke, allowing people to leave the premises in time and limiting the damage caused by the fire.
Metal doors are classified as REI doors. A number is then associated with this abbreviation (30 - 60 - 90 - 120 - 180). These numbers indicate the resistance time (expressed in minutes), for which a given door model is capable of withstanding flames.


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