Writing desk with MiniBar compartment

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Desk with MiniBar compartment (not included) Lagoon Series


  • Desk with Minibar Compartment Lagoon series

Desk with minibar compartment

In hotel rooms, an indispensable piece of furniture is the desk. It can be used by the guest as a desk or simply, it can be used to support the Hotel information documentation. The various models of desks can be divided into: desk with minibar compartment (which can be open or with door closing the fridge compartment) or a simple desk. The Minibar Compartment can be positioned either on the right or on the left. (Minibar not included)


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Dimensions Writing desk with open compartment:

L 140cm x P 50/52cm x H 75cm
Open compartment L 45cm

Writing desk with open compartment

Srittoio con vano a giorno

Dimensions Writing desk with minibar compartment:

L 140cm x P 50/52cm x H 75cm
MiniBar compartment L 45cm

writing desk design with minibar compartment


Dimensions Simple desk:
L 140cm x P 50/52cm x H 75cm

desk design

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Honeycomb wood bedside tables hotel furniture
FIP Hotel pays particular attention to the creation of its products, starting from the principle that quality means convenience, because a beautiful and solid furniture over time represents an investment for life: the secret is the TAMBURATO.

For this reason, we use it for the construction of our furnishings, a highly sought-after construction typology used for high-level products.


hotel furniture color chart

Avorio, Bianco, Mogano, Wengè, Noce Tanganica Naturale,Rovere Sbiancato, Bianco Matrix, Palissandro white, Noce nazionale, Palissadro Tortora, Ciliegio, Larice.


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Writing desk with MiniBar compartment

Desk with MiniBar compartment (not included) Lagoon Series

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